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Great retail does not have to be a burden to be successful. We have compiled daily, weekly, quarterly, and monthly checklists to help hoteliers maintain inventory, keep the store looking full and fresh, and avoid some of the profitability challenges that occur when not properly managed.


  • Process all transactions – sales, department transfers, service recoveries
  • Run Shift Replenish Report, restock store
  • Run end of shift Sales Summary Report
  • Reconcile cash drawer against Sales Summary
  • Clean: Dust, vacuum/sweep, clean glass and countertops, empty garbage
  • Restock utensils, napkins
  • Tidy merchandising: Pull beverage items forward, labels forward facing, replace missing items
  • Use planogram to verify category station merchandising accuracy


  • Replenish in-store storage cabinets from backstock
  • Check Shopping List for low inventory
  • Review utensil, product packaging inventory
  • Check arrivals, groups, occupancy levels for upcoming inventory needs
  • Place replenishment order(s)
  • Receive incoming inventory
  • Tidy backstock room for easy restocking
  • Review Negative Inventory Report, correct counts if needed
  • Review Pending Products Report, correct details if needed


  • Verify Cost of Goods from monthly invoices
  • Run Sales Performance Report for volume sold and margins by product
  • Run Sales Summary by Cashier for adoption and/or incentive programs
  • Review Service Recovery and Employee Discount Sales for potential profit impact
  • Conduct Hard Inventory Count
  • Verify PMS Sales vs. ImpulsePoint Sales. Send totals to Impulsify Account Manager
  • Send Total Rooms Sold to Impulsify Account Manager


  • Review Underperforming Products Report
  • Archive slow moving products or items no longer carried
  • Request replacement best sellers from Impulsify Account Manager
  • Review users for accuracy. Deactivate former team members
  • Update seasonal items, if needed (umbrellas, sunscreen, allergy medicine, cold medicine)

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