The Future of Grab-And-Go is Now. Like Right Now!

Our 2022 Retail Playbook is dedicated to helping hotel owners of all brands and sizes get it right! In this issue, we cover what has to happen to make a grab-and-go market a quality, easily managed, highly profitable piece of real estate in your hotel. This issue features:

  • 2021 Best Sellers 
  • Profitability Planogram
  • 2021 Retail Rockstars

Our ImpulsePoint: Retail Management system has captured over 15 million hotel retail transactions last year to bring you this valuable, proven data! 

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This retail playbook will acquaint you with:

Labor Shortage

Labor Shortage Self-Service Solutions

Retail Best Sellers and Emerging Trends

Retail Best Sellers and Emerging Trends of 2021

Retail Design Projects

Top 2021 Retail Design Projects