Sell What Customers are Buying so You Can Increase Revenue with Half the Effort.

It’s time to eliminate the guesswork of retail. What if you had a firm understanding of what guests want, need, and purchase so you could confidently stock your shelves and sell more goods? We’ve made that possible with our 2021 Best Seller’s Guide. With this guide, you will:

  • Find product preferences within five main categories: beverage, shelf-stable foods, frozen foods, prepared meals, and essentials
  • Know specific products that consumers purchase within dozens of subcategories
  • Optimize your product offering and stock your shelves with the most profitable products while eliminating the least profitable ones

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This guide will acquaint you with:

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Best Selling Categories and Products in 2020

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Top Performing Subcategories in 2020

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Data from $10M in retail sales at hotels across the country in 2020