Why Impulsify?

Over the past 10 years, hotel retail has become one of the fastest growing hospitality trends both for its proven impact on guest satisfaction and as a valuable addition to incremental revenue. Initially, it was treated as a guest amenity and little effort was put into properly supplying, managing, and measuring the store as a true retail operation.

But as revenue numbers grow and demand for this onsite convenience increases, the need to implement best retail practices to improve profitability and guest experience becomes essential.


Unfortunately, most hoteliers lack the experience and expertise needed when it comes to selecting assortments, pricing products for maximum profitability, managing inventory, and tracking sales analytics. This results in poorly managed stores and lack luster profits which frustrate the GM’s responsible for the revenue performance and guest experience.

Impulsify seeks to provide the tools and services needed to eliminate the guessing game GM’s currently use in managing their retail operation. Through user-friendly technology, comprehensive reporting, and fully-automated processes, Impulsify removes the challenges hoteliers face and simplifies the path to retail success.