4 Ways to Clear Tech Hurdles

January 1, 2019


Delivering a seamless, personalized experience requires the elegant behind-the-scenes orchestration of many different technologies. This is far from easy — or inexpensive.

HTNG has just chartered four new workgroups aimed at reducing the time, cost and other obstacles standing between hoteliers and ideal brand experiences. All workgroups are now welcoming industry participants.


 An Open API for Hotel Systems
The pace of tech innovation is intensifying, but many are inaccessible to hoteliers due to a legacy of inefficient integrations among business systems. Vendors spend excessive resources on multiple one-off integrations. This effectively blocks the industry from enjoying lower costs, shorter lead times, custom tool development and the ability to draw on a larger pool of talent and vendors.

The Open API workgroup will build an infrastructure standard for sharing an open-source set of libraries to enable rapid development and testing of integrations. Martin Zam, CIO and co-founder of Impulsify and a workgroup chair, says the hope is to create a single integration path for all conforming applications.

Other integration standardization efforts have fallen short in part because users had to simulate the corresponding system, which in the real world does not always correspond to documentation, Zam says. Impulsify plans to donate a reference test bed for this purpose.

“The real game-changing moment will be when hoteliers realize that virtually any brand approved tool can be quickly integrated, providing unprecedented access to technology not previously available to them,” Zam notes.  


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