Impulsify Joins the Colorado Companies to Watch Winners Circle

Impulsify arrived at the Marriott Denver Tech Center in true "Impulsify Red" style to receive the Colorado Companies to Watch 2019 award hosted by Merrill Lynch Bank of America. An award ceremony where a founder or two typically takes the stage to be recognized for their contribution to the Colorado economy - Impulsify took an true-to-form impassioned approach with over 20 team members taking the stage to receive the award.

"Founders have cool ideas... but the team makes it happen. This night, this award, it's for every single one of us," says Janine Williams, CEO and Founder.

From every corner of the state and every industry, Colorado Companies to Watch Winners showcase the undeniable impact of second-stage businesses. The evening included 50 winners from a variety of industries to showcase the innovation and diversity that has become Colorado Business.

"It was well earned, incredibly enjoyed. And now... back to work!"

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Who is Impulsify?

Impulsify has a huge passion for grab-and-go retail markets that mean the world to  guests when they need them most! We are retail experts on a mission to provide the technology, data, and services to create the best guest experience with the least impact to operations - and the greatest ROI for property managers who understand retail is needed, but don't really know where to begin.

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