From Pantry to Profit Center

"Hotels are definitely paying more attention to the pantry," said Janine Williams, co-founder and CEO of Impulsify. "It used to be treated like a guest amenity with managers hoping to break even. Today, if managed properly, it can be a real profit center." Williams serveral of their "rock star retailers" are enjoing $25,000 to $30,000 a month in revenue from its retail center.

Stocked and Ready

If it's operated badly, a lobby market can be a guest negative. Merchandising is key.

Williams points to hotels that keep a marketplace poorly stocked. Looking for something to eat on partially empty shelves or refrigerators is a downer for guests, who may not buy anything at all as they perceive there are no good choices.

POS Tracking

Williams founded Impulsify to provide the technology and analytics hotels need to run their marketplaces as a profit center. Top-line revenue is earned through sales but bottom-line revenue is realized through cost savings as technology enables pantries to operate unattended most of the time.