7 Steps to Hotel Pantry Success

1. Prioritize.

If you don’t make profitability a priority in the pantry, your bottom line will suffer and so will overall guest experience.

Studies indicate that hotels who manage the pantry as simply a guest amenity hoping to break even at year end often fail to provide a satisfying retail offering which leads to low revenue and guest complaints. The incremental revenue achieved when the store is properly merchandised and supplied with quality product offerings is substantial and the guest experience: priceless.

2. Categorize.

Retail studies show that impulse food buyers primarily shop according to four possible impulses:

  • Sweet

  • Salty

  • Healthy

  • Indulgent

By grouping products accordingly on shelves, guests can easily identify their impulse and all available options within that impulse. Keep candy, chocolate, cookies, and treats together, so guests can quickly identify all options in one glance to make a quick and satisfying selection. For smaller categories like Healthy Snacks, create a left to right salty to sweet: Beef Jerky, Almonds, Cashews, Clif Bar, Kind Bar, Nature Valley Granola Bar.

3. Merchandise. And we don’t mean tear off the top of the box and put it on the shelf! Items should be appealing, front facing, standing upright with brand name fully visible.