2015 Best Selling Hotel Pantry Products: Beverages

Do you ever walk into your hotel pantry and shake your head, because you know it could be better, but you don’t know how to make it happen? One of the quickest, easiest improvements you can make to your store to improve both revenue and guest experience, is to stay on top of the trends and the favorites - and make sure you are carrying the right products in the right sizes that make guests happy! Because Happy Guests = Increased Sales.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of info out there on what sells well nationally, what the newest trends are, or what sizes guests prefer when purchasing chips, waters, candy bars. So GM’s are left guessing what to buy and if it will sell - which results in a lot of overstock, expired product, and unsatisfied guests who need something you don’t carry.

Impulsify’s Retail Management System, ImpulsePoint, was used in over 300 hotel pantries and gift shops to conduct over 700,000 retail transactions in 2015. We stored a ton of product performance data for a few reasons:

  1. We are total hotel retail geeks who genuinely get excited about how many bags of Sour Patch Kids were sold in Select Service hotel last year

  2. We travel a lot and if we can improve the product offering at hotels nationwide, chances are good we will benefit from it one late night when we have a craving for Sour Patch Kids.

  3. We truly love this stuff, and we want to help hotels succeed at retail.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing the top sellers by category to help you fine tune your assortment based on actual sales data. If you need a complete list all at once because you are going through a renovation, grand opening, or just an overhaul of your retail efforts for 2016, give us a call at 888-306-3252 or email info@impulsifyinc.com. We’re happy to help!

So without further ado… Here are the Best Sellers in the Beverage Category for 2015.

Have at it. Use it. And, in the meantime, don’t forget the Sour Patch…please.

2015 Best Sellers by UPC

Beverage: Beer

018200001697 Bud Light, 12 Oz, Bottle

034100003623 Miller, Lite Beer, 12 Oz, Bottle

071990000004 Coors Beer, Light, 12 Oz , Bottle

080660000015 Corona Beer, Extra, 12 Oz, Bottle

072890000019 Heineken Beer, 12 Oz, Bottle

786150000052 Stella Artois Beer, 11.2 Oz, Bottle

018200001680 Budweiser, 12 Oz, Bottle

087692000051 Samuel Adams, Boston Lager, 12 Oz, Bottle

018200003325 Michelob Ultra, 12 Oz, Bottle

072311130127 Dos XX, Lager Especial, 12 Oz, Bottle

Beverage: Other (Juice, Teas, Milk, Energy, Vitamin)

025000056031 Minute Maid, Original Orange Juice, 15.2 Oz, Bottle

025000056017 Minute Maid, Apple Juice, 15.2 Oz, Bottle

070847811169 Monster Energy Drink, 16 Oz, Can

049000007909 Powerade, Mountain Blast, 20 Oz, Bottle

052000328684 Gatorade, Lemon Lime, 20 Oz, Bottle

049000003710 Powerade, Fruit Punch, 20 Oz, Bottle

080793808496 Fuze, Iced Tea, 20 Oz, Bottle

052000324815 Gatorade, Cool Blue, 20 Oz, Bottle

611269101713 Red Bull, Energy Drink, Sugar Free, 8.4 Oz, Can

083900005757 Gold Peak, Sweetened Iced Tea, 18.5 Oz, Bottle

052000328677 Gatorade, Orange, 20 Oz, Bottle

786162010001 Glaceau, Vitamin Water, Dragon Fruit, 20 Oz, Bottle

786162150004 Glaceau, Vitamin Water XXX, Blueberry Pomegranate, 20 Oz, Bottle

025000058011 Minute Maid, Lemonade, 20 Oz, Bottle

052000324860 Gatorade, Glacier Freeze, 20 Oz, Bottle

025000056062 Minute Maid, Cranberry Grape, 15.2 Oz, Bottle

025000056024 Minute Maid, Cranberry Apple Raspberry, 15.2 Oz, Bottle

028300000902 Shamrock Farms, Reduced Fat 2% Milk, 12 Oz, Bottle

786162110008 Glaceau, Vitamin Water Revive, 20 Oz Bottle

067000001857 Pediasure, Vanilla, 8 Oz, Bottle

049000003697 Powerade, Lemon Lime, 20 Oz, Bottle

012000006494 Starbucks Frappuccino, Mocha, 13.7 Oz, Bottle

070847012474 Monster Zero, Energy Drink, 16 Oz, Can

049000045659 Powerade, Mountain Berry Blast, 20 Oz, Bottle

Beverage: Soda

49000000450 Coke, Diet Soda, 20 Oz, Bottle

49000000443 Coca-Cola, Classic Soda, 20 Oz, Bottle

49000007640 Sprite, Lemon Lime, 20 Oz, Bottle

78000082401 Dr Pepper, 20 Oz, Bottle

49000040869 Coca-Cola, Zero, 20 Oz, Bottle

12000001314 Mountain Dew, 20 Oz, Bottle

78000083408 Dr Pepper, Diet, 20 Oz, Bottle

12000001291 Pepsi, 20 Oz, Bottle

12000001307 Pepsi, Diet Soda, 20 Oz, Bottle

49000018011 Coca-Cola, Cherry Coke, 20 Oz, Bottle

Beverage: Water

068274000065 Nestle, Pure Life Water, 16.9 Oz, Bottle

049000009774 Dasani, Water, 20 Oz, Bottle

046121261593 Kala Falls, Water, 16.9 Oz, Bottle

012000001086 Aquafina, Water, 16.9 Oz, Bottle

049000027624 Dasani, Water, 16.9 Oz, Bottle

786162200433 Glaceau, Smart Water, 20 Oz, Bottle

012000001598 Aquafina,Pure Water, 20 Oz, Water

075720481279 Poland, Spring Water, 16.9 Oz, Bottle

786162338006 Smartwater, 1 Liter, Bottle

786162001511 Glaceau, Smartwater, 23.7 Oz, Bottle

Beverage: Wine

085200000050 Sutter Home, Cabernet Sauvignon, 180 Ml, Bottle

085200000067 Sutter Home, Chardonnay, 180 Ml, Bottle

086003002425 Woodbridge, Cab Sauv, 180 Ml, Bottle

086003002449 J. Roget Champagne, 750 Ml, Bottle

085200000029 Sutter Home, Merlot, 180 Ml, Bottle

086003002432 Woodbridge, Merlot 180 Ml, Bottle

085200000142 Sutter Home, Pinot Grigio, 180 Ml, Bottle

085200000098 Sutter Home, White Zinfandel, 180 Ml, Bottle

890128001269 Copa, Pino Grigio, 180 Ml, Bottle

890128001207 Copa, Chardonnay, 180 Ml, Bottle

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