Get Paid To Gossip!

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We love it when our customers talk about us behind our backs to fellow GMs, management companies, owners and brands!

For each referral who registers for ImpulsePoint with Impulsify, we will give you a $200 Amazon gift card!

Here's how it works.

  1. Get the word out by contacting your list of referrals.

  2. Either copy on an email intro, so we know you referred them or have your referral mention your name when they speak to our sales team.

  3. We'll track your referrals. When they register with ImpulsePoint, we'll email your $200 Amazon gift card.

  4. Enjoy!


If you have specific questions regarding your referral, just give us a call 888.306.3252.


Rules and Restrictions: $200 Amazon gift card is awarded once referral registers with ImpulsePoint. Only one fee is awarded per referred hotel. If multiple people refer the same hotel, we determine the award recipient by the referral email that was received first. 


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ImpulsePoint: Easy point-and-scan POS and Inventory Management to make front desk transactions simple and easy to ring at the front desk.

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ShopPop: Give guests the convenience of quick, easy, and safe self checkout for grab-and-go purchases while reducing front desk traffic by up to 90%.

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