Clear Round Acrylic Canisters - 3 Sizes - used for narrow chocolate bars, candy, healthy bars, tubes of nuts.  May have two different favors of some product in same canister.  

55 oz. Round Acrylic Canister 1.4 qt

78 oz. Round Acrylic Canister 2.4 qt.

93 oz. Round Acrylic Canister 2.9 qt.

Clear Round Acrylic Canisters - 3 Sizes


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    Impulsify has a huge passion for those little lobby shops that mean the world to hotel guests when they need them most! We are retail experts on a mission to provide the technology, data, and services to create the best guest experience with the least impact to hotel operations - and the greatest ROI for hoteliers who understand retail is needed, but don't really know where to begin.

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