The new multifamily must-have amenity

Impulsify’s  upscale, self-service markets allow multifamily communities to provide residents on-premise packaged snacks, beverages, grocery and convenience items in a community market setting.

Our fully loaded retail program automates design, deployment, and procurement to give non-retail businesses the confidence to grab-and-go for it!

  • Our solutions benefit owners, team members, and residents

  • Increase lease conversions with a safe and timely self-service amenity

  • Provide a community marketplace that drives engagement and resident satisfaction

  • Promote safe and convenient purchasing with contactless, self-service technology for residents and team members

  • Ease operations and minimize overhead expenses with inventory monitoring and auto-replenishment

Multifamily Communities We Serve



Do I need retail experience? No retail experience is necessary. Our products and services make it simple and easy to add a store to any lobby.


How much space do I need? A minimum of 10' of wall space is required. We will evaluate your construction plans or existing space to select the optimal location and floor plan. We can design a store of almost any size.

Can I add a store to an existing common area? Our team can design and launch stores for existing and new developments. 

I already have a store. Can you refresh my existing market? Yes! We have a retail refresh program that recommends new product mix and merchandising to increase revenue without construction costs.

How do you select products? All recommended products are based on our proprietary retail sales data based on geolocation and resident profile.

Will you select all the retail product and fixtures? We are retail experts that you can rely on. Our program provides retail services for you to optimize each linear inch of space with the right product and product stations.

How do I order products/appliances? Impulsify sets up vendor accounts for your products and appliances and manages all deliveries to the store site for the initial set up.

What do I need to do to re-order product? Our technology provides you with the tools to manage inventory yourself or you can can sign up for our new auto-replenishment program. 

Who gets the revenue? We are not a revenue share program. All store revenue goes to the property owner. We simply collect a fee for design and a subscription for our software. Everything else is profit to the property.


Where can you service? We are nationwide!


What are your terms of service? We offer one time design services and an annual subscription term for all technology.

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