A Better Hotel Pantry = A Happier Guest!

GM's across the country struggle to manage a successful retail store while providing a value and convenience to the guests they serve. Brands expect Brand Standards compliance, Management Companies expect revenue results, and guest expect a well stocked, convenient retail offering but GM's often have little to no retail experience to make this happen!

Let Impulsify evaluate your store and propose a retail plan that meets your brand requirements, increases retail performance, and provides your guests the quality experience they expect from a stay at your hotel!

Products and Services Include:

Complete Retail Evaluation

POS Software and Training to Improve Sales and Inventory Management

Barcode Scanners to Track Actual Sales by UPC

Daily Store Management Training 

Vendor Consolidation to Simplify Ordering - Stop Going to Costco! :)

Hard Inventory Services to True Up Inventory

Store Resets