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We know you have a hotel to run and that most GM's specialize in Hospitality - not retail! Our products and services are designed to help busy GM's succeed at Retail without having to invest the time and energy into learning the tenets and best practices of running a retail store.


General Managers rely on Impulsify to simplify operations and improve store performance with automated tools and technology and hands on Retail Services that eliminate the guessing game when it comes to the right products, pricing, and merchandising required to maximize impulse sales! Read More.

Management Companies

The incremental revenue potential that the hotel pantry adds to your bottom line can be substantial when GM's are equipped with the right tools and retail best practices. Impulsify's team of Hotel Retail Experts will evaluate your portfolio and create a plan that meets the requirements of each individual flag, guest profile, and region. Management companies typically see a 25% increase in sales and profitability when they undergo a complete portfolio retail reset.

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Hotel Pantries and Gift Shops have a demonstrated impact on franchise value, guest experience, and incremental revenue. Let Impulsify help your brand define, implement, and maintain a successful nationally branded retail program.


We can shorten development time and reduce cost by implementing best practices and procedures for your program to avoid costly mistakes while driving revenue, profitability, and guest experience with simple, easy-to-follow procedures even the busiest GM can follow!



Auto-Replenish is the proven method for minimizing costly out-of-stocks and reducing negative guest experience. 


Hotel Retail Supply Vendors can partner with Impulsify to offer hotels simplified ordering capabilities and inventory management based on actual sales data for each store. Options are available for ecommerce and manual ordering methods.